answers TO some common questions

Level 7 Entertainment

1. What are Level 7's rates?

 Please contact DJ N8 for a quote estimate! 

2. Does DJ N8 also MC?

 Yes, DJ N8 is also a professional MC to make any announcements, lead the evening's program, host games, and even hype the crowd! By taking both roles, he knows how to cohesively work the room and the dance floor. 

3. What is DJ N8's style?

 DJ N8 loves to have the music speak for itself, and at the same time, speak on the microphone enough to get the party up and going. He's also well adept in mixing the old school music with the new and knows how to adjust his style depending on the crowd in front of him. 

4. What does DJ N8 wish customers knew about his profession?

 There is a lot more to being a DJ than just showing up and playing music, especially in the wedding industry. There are many details to iron out behind-the-scenes when prepping for the event. The DJ has to get the correct names, a complete song list, as well as checking his or her equipment to make sure everything is working properly and is reliable. There is nothing worse than having a mishap on the big day. The DJ only has one shot, so he or she has to make it work.  

5. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

 Tip #1: Learn as much as you can about your DJ; ask, ask, ask! The entertainment aspect of an event is huge in terms of making your event day to be smooth, successful, and fun. Ask your DJ for pictures, videos, reviews, and even ask for vendor referrals.

Tip #2: Find a DJ who is genuine and also cares about your event. Do not just settle for the DJ that rushes everything to show up, play music, and leave. A DJ who cares is the one who will put the most effort into your event, who will go the extra mile just to find the perfect song on your special day.